My Environment Empowers Me: Portraits of Migrant Creative Spaces in Berlin

Every space, every corner is full of textures, colours and secrets, and has its own magic that generates inspiration, creativity and expression.

In this photographic project, I enter the workspaces of migrant artists who have found a place to realise their dreams in this city.

But beyond the images, I also want to give a voice to these spaces of creation.
That is why each session is accompanied by a short interview, which can be used for promotional purposes in reel format or even for a possible book.

“My Environment Empowers Me is a tribute to the strength and creativity of migrant artists, and a reminder of the richness they bring to Berlin’s artistic and cultural community.
Through this project, I invite you to reflect on the transformative power of the environments in which we find ourselves, and how we are also nourished by the space of others.
My physical and emotional surroundings, whether colleagues or friends, empower me and empower my art.

💜 I am looking for migrant FLINTA artists to portray in their workspace.
📷 I offer you exchange of material.
🗣 We can speak in Spanish / English
📅 Date: May-June 2024
⏰ Time: 14 – 16 pm ( Mon-Fri)

👉 Enquiries: [email protected] or

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