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Influenced by my best friend Emilia Nogueira, a clothing and textile designer at the University of Buenos Aires, I founded the first Argentine magazine dedicated to Japanese Lolita fashion, called LOLITA SNAPS.

Lolita fashion emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a response to the traditional expectations that society imposed on women, who were destined to be housewives and mothers. A group of women decided to break with this conservative and macho tradition, using fashion as a means of expression. Adopting a feminist argument, this fashion allows anyone, including the Queer community, to dress in a way that reflects their feelings, where a dress can be both a personal expression and an armour.

Over the years, we published photos of Lolitas reaching 23 countries, and had editors writing about local events and other relevant topics. We organised numerous events including fashion shows with brands from Argentina, Chile, USA and Korea.
We also printed 2 magazines, which are online:

Online magazines:


In the framework of this project I filmed one of my first short films called EnsueƱo, where I make a small sample of the Lolita Argentina community in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Within the project I was the founder, designer, editor and photographer.

The project not only managed to unite fashion communities around the world, but also helped small brands to achieve greater visibility.

Dreamers - Shortfilms

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