Lo del arte

In 2010, a diverse group of artists and amateurs came together to form the LO DEL ARTE Cultural Collective in Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires. Our meeting point was a bar called “Lo de Laura”, run by a visual artist.

Our purpose was to establish an inclusive space where artists not affiliated to political movements, since in Florencio Varela many artistic activities were given only by the municipality, could exhibit their work to a wide and varied public.

During the two years that this project lasted, we managed to hold more than 10 art fairs with the participation of local artists. In addition, we brought in local bands of various musical genres, enriching the cultural environment of the area. We also organised an exchange of spaces with a cultural collective from Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires, which allowed us to hold fairs and concerts in both locations, thus fostering collaboration and artistic exchange between communities.

Within the project I was part of the foundation, as well as organiser of the fairs, workshops and even the theme parties. As well as the design and social media.

This project not only provided a platform for artistic expression, but also strengthened community ties and celebrated the creative diversity of our region.

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