1st festival of schools of film with a gender perspective

In my last year of studies at IDAC, ( Avellaneda, Buenos Aires) after the creation of the Gender Commission, we decided to organise a festival to showcase works by students from Argentinean film schools with a gender perspective. With a feminist and queer banner, our goal was to showcase the first short films by students that addressed these issues.

The festival received more than 60 short films from all over the country, setting a precedent for future initiatives of this kind. We counted on the presence of prominent IDAC alumni, such as the renowned documentary filmmakers Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito, and the pioneer in Argentinean production, Lita Stantic.

This project not only provided a platform for the visibility of new voices in film, but also strengthened the student community and underlined the importance of a gender perspective in the film industry.


My rol: Within the project I was part of the foundation, curator and designer.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/festival.ecpg/?locale=sq_AL













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